Wig care


We want to show how to maintain a wig and that would be impossible without showing the tools and how to use them.

Accessories are an essential part of wig care and maintenance, and we strongly encourage our customers to use them.

We offer an accessory package that includes everything that is mentioned in the Table of Contents: wig stand, wig cap, care kit, clips and brushes.

This set can be shipped out too, individual items can be bought at the store.

Wig stand

Your wig stand is the ideal companion for your wig.
In fact, you should always store your wig on a wig stand, it will keep its shape.
You should avoid as much as possible folding or bending, thus storing it in drawers or boxes is not recommended.

Also, a wig stand comes in useful for drying your wig after washing, you should place it on the wig stand and allow it to dry.
After fastening the wig to the stand with clips you can air-dry it, but ONLY if the heat is turned off.
Once the wig is fastened to the stand with clips, you can style it with brushes, or even trim it lightly.

Wig stand


Wig cap

Wig caps are mainly used for binding a person's natural hair, thus allowing for the smooth placement of a wig.
Wig caps are one size fits all, they are a mesh that stretches and holds the hair together while allowing the scalp to breathe.
We at Hai's Wigs sell only the best quality fishnet wig caps.
Ladies in a hurry need not worry about not having time to go to a hairdresser, just put on a wig cap, then adjust the wig to your head and off you go!

Wig cap


Hair clips are used to fasten the wig to the wig stand, so it will not move while styling.

Wig clips



These special brushes are used for styling wigs, after they are attached to the wig stand with the wig clips.


Washing kit

The washing kit includes: wig shampoo, wig conditioner, and wig spray.

Final instructions

So you bought your beautiful wig and now are wondering how to take care of it?
No problem! Hai's Wigs has everything that is needed.
First, when you take it out of the box, shake it well and place it on the wig stand, that's where your wig should be when not on your head.
Don't put it back in the box, fold it, or in a drawer.
Your wig will look best if it rests on the wig stand, so it will maintain the style you like.
New wigs can be worn immediately.
Now comes the word of caution.
First and foremost, heat is the number one killer of wigs, this applies mostly to synthetic hair, the most common type nowadays.
Please keep the wig away from all sources of heat, including cooking areas and even direct sun rays.
Your wig doesn't need much care, it is built to last, if you take some reasonable precautions.
The only care a wig needs is washing and conditioning.
If you wear it often, wash it every two weeks.
Here's how:
Use only special wig products.
Wash ONLY with cold water, using abundant wig shampoo.
Rinse and soak with conditioner.
Rinse again, but this time not as much, some conditioner build-up will not harm your wig.
To dry, place the wig on the wig stand.
You can use a blower, but ONLY if the heat is turned off.
If you want to style or trim your wig, fasten it to the wig stand with the wig clips.
That's all there is to it!