About Us

Hai's Wigs is a fictitious name registered to Yako Corp, a Florida S corporation.
Ladywig.com is a domain name also owned by Yako Corp, and is the internet branch of the corporation. You can perform a whois search for ladywig.com on the Network Solutions website.
Yako Corp was founded in the year 2003 by Carlos and Hae Kyung Kosloff (née Yang).
The "alma mater" of the store has always been Hae Kyung, who for two years managed a wig store, and then used her knowledge and connections with manufacturers to set up shop.
Carlos performs managerial and webmaster duties.
At the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations website you can search for Yako Corp
See below our business license for 2016.

A little history

Ever since the beginning of the store, customers started calling Hae Kyung the "wig lady". Carlos thought it was a good idea to register that domain name but it was already taken, so he registered ladywig instead.