Monofilament wigs, unlike most wigs, are not made with cloth, but with a sheer polyester or nylon material.
This material is also made in Europe, mainly in France and Switzerland.
These wigs have a thin, breathable fabric that allows the color of the scalp to show through, blending seamlessly with any color of the complexion.
Monofilament enables seamless parting of the hair, anywhere you like, the transparent fabric will always show the natural color of your skin.
This wig is entirely adjustable and light-weight.

There are basically two types of monofilament wigs: machine-made and hand-tied.
Hand-tied monofilament contruction, although more expensive, is quickly overtaking machine-sewn.
In the former, fibers are knit by hand onto the mesh, thus giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing from the scalp, it also allows for a more relaxed flow and easy styling, the way you want it.
Machine-sewn is just as undetectable, but is more rigid, because instead of individual fibers, strands of hair are inserted into the fabric with a machine.
The advantage of the latter is that it is less expensive.
Mono top, also called mono crown, has monofilament on the top of the head, where it is most visible, there are wigs with a full monofilament construction.

Main Types of monofilament