Ladywig.com is the web branch of Hai's Wigs, a physical store in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Since 2003, Hai's Wigs has been catering to the needs of wigs and hair accessories of the South Florida community.
The store has the largest selection of wigs in the area and carries many related items like accessories, hair extensions, ponytails, turbans, hair bands, hair clips, hats, and men's toupees.
The store offers many useful services, mainly the possibility to try on wigs and trim-to-fit, plus you don't have to pay for shipping and handling.
Hai's Wigs has been working for several years with all the cancer clinics in the area, and receiving referrals from them, it is a cancer-friendly store, always giving discounts to cancer patients.
Hai, the owner, is present in person at the storefront, offering her expertise and unparalelled service.

Se habla español.