We DO NOT process insurance claims, this page is meant to help customers with their insurance claims. We do not have any other information than what is published here, we know that it is tough to deal with insurance companies and we regret being unable to help you further.

It is common knowledge that insurance companies are not particularly eager to pay claims, however they will if you submit yours with the documentation they request.
They will ask for 4 things:

  1. A prescription from your doctor ordering you to wear a "cranial prosthesis". This is critical, the spelling must be exactly as above, prescribing a "wig" simply will not work, because for insurance companies a wig is a cosmetic item, it has to be a "prescribed cranial prosthesis".
  2. Receipt of purchase, from Hai's Wigs of course.
  3. Our tax ID, or FEIN number, it is 76-0747873.
  4. The CPT code

Ah, the CPT code...
Current Procedural Terminology is the rather cryptic way the American Medical Association addresses insurance codes.
Usually, the CPT for a wig is CPT-ORN-1, but you should check with your insurance company what the code is that they follow for a prescribed cranial prosthesis.

It could be any of the following:
The link above provides more information.