Wig care

We no longer sell products for wig care, you can buy those at beauty supply stores.

Wig care is very easy and does not involve much stuff: just a wig stand (there are very affordable plastic models), wig clips, brushes, a washing kit consisting of wig shampoo and wig conditioner, you can add wig spray if you would.
After you open the box, shake it thoroughly and place the wig in the stand, that is where it should always be to keep its form and style. Don't put it back in the box, or in a drawer. New wigs can be worn immediiately.

Now comes a word of caution: heat is the number one killer of wigs, you should keep your wig away from all sources of heat, apart from that your wig does not need much care, it is built to last.

After that you should wash your wig only every two weeks. Use only special wig products and wash ONLY with coldwater, using abundant wig shampoo, rinse and soak with conditioner, rinse again but not as much, some conditioner build-up will not harm your wig.

To dry place the wig on the wig stand, you can use a blower but ONLY if the heat is turned off.

If you want to style or trim your wig, fasten it to the wig stand with clips.

That's all there is to it!